Trip To The Dream Machine

by Jason Franklin

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Wycked Sea 01:30
Jamuary 05:00
If you ask me I think it's way overrated, sophisticated, a little jaded and I hate it Just a joke like a test to the rest of the best who never rest, acting like they can take a shot to the chest But they don't know what they're saying, or how they're playing, their cards on the table it's just part of the fable That you've read before but you can't ignore that they're poor, next thing you know they're lying dead on the floor And I've had to fight my way to get to the top, all time lows, heavy blows, fuck it never stops Pushing rocks on every block, another sip from this bottle and I think I'm going to drop Drop another bomb on your ass, will you look into your rear-view bitch I'm trying to pass Unless you're a hottie with some greens or an ass, then move it on over I've got one speed its fast The name is Fat Ass Jay but don't remember the name, cuz all you little fuckin bitches talk and act the same, down to the grain Drive a mother fucker like me insane Shit, enough to want to put a hole in your brain
If I Find It 04:09
This soul is empty Deep inside Looking for something I just can't find And what I search for Still unknown I feel so cold And all alone All Alone And if I find it And if I find it I hope to never lose it Or is it already lost The best things in life They disappear And I still see the sad face Inside the mirror I want to change this life I want to change my life I want to change this life I want to change my life I want to change this life And if I find it And if I find it I hope to never lose it Or is it already lost So take my hand and tell me One day everything will be okay And look me in my eyes Please tell me you won't go away Take my hand and tell me One day it will be okay Look me in my eyes and tell me That you won't go away..
The Incline 02:33
Well if you only get one life why not choose to live it wise, skip all the bullshit keep your eyes on the prize, So easy to get lost in a world full of lies, of cheaters in masks and traitors in disguise, No matter where you go I promise it'll be the same, the people look like sheep and herd dogs never change, So name your time and place, I'll tell ya its all part of the game, The game of life is easy just take off your ball and chain Too many times I found myself a man of constant fear, the fear of knowing when I grabbed the wheel I couldn't steer, I crashed myself too many times and now it seems so clear, that I no longer recognize the man who's in the mirror, But I found a moment to let myself shine, if I wanted control then now was the time, for all of my gloom it was the end of the line, to rise myself up and begin the incline! So tell me what's the point of life if you ain't living right, live out your hopes and dreams and never let them out of sight, I'll never quit until the day I see my final light, but even then I know I'll live to see another night, You can't kill a will so strong, and when the rain just keeps pouring continue on, cuz I've been traveling down this road so long, and nothing or nobody will steer me wrong Give a lot or give a little, give out nothing you will see, the days have taught me don't be selfish, karma suits accordingly, Give a smile, hug or hi-five, try to brighten someones day, It seems we've lost respect & kindness, love & peace have gone away, It's amazing the things I've seen in my life, so many are taken with pain and with strife, sometimes I feel like I can't take anymore, have you forgotten what you're grateful for?
King's Crown 01:44
Rainbow Road 03:13
Well the name is still MC Fat Ass Jay, and I'm still knee-deep most everyday, they just line right up quite the impressive array, for me to lay it's like an all-you-can-eat pussy buffet, Just like my name I roll a joint, I roll it fat cuz that's the thing I do, I light it up inhale the smoke, this one's for me and you, Let's free our minds of all the problems that the world creates, life ain't a race but if it is I'm at the starting gate Sit here I'm a winner ain't nobody gonna hold me down a dream can't be defeated never stop until I wear the crown, those other suckers fronting, the truth is that I'm bringing now, I'm mother fuckin stunning, if your stunning too then SHOUT IT OUT! So never waste a day away and live your life the fullest, cuz the second that you change your mind you'll never know what you'll miss, always keep your third eye open something that I insist, spiritual enlightenment is the reason that we exist Never give up ever let up, No one's gonna hold me down I grab the mic and then I rip it, getting cryptic mystic sound, Reignited growing stronger everybody Circle round, spitting fire pure desire now it seems I've come unbound, Lashing out its passion now, you'll never see me cashing out, in the pit I'm thrashing out my one defining rationale, I do it cuz I'm dope and I'm young and I can, MC Fat AssJay is your mother fuckin man Tried-and-true I'll see it through until the day I finish, even though the light is flickering I know I won't diminish, never second-guess a thing I've done, no not even a minute, the past has left me black and blue but I'm still here to win it, They say the sky is the limit so I've learned to fly, I've been chilling here for days and it's quite divine, I'm always high getting higher always pushing the limits, no longer timid I'm within it and I'm glad that I did it


'Trip To The Dream Machine' came about as I was unemployed the beginning of 2013. I began to poke around in Garage Band, wanting to mess with some previously recorded ideas from the years prior. There were several great ideas to work with, however I was still not satisfied. I wanted to do something completely different. After many years of playing punk, rock, & metal, I thought it would be cool to push myself out of my norm. So I started to write a new song, with a totally new sound. It really just began with a few simple ideas. A couple hours later I was putting my finishing touches on 'Jamuary', my first song for 'TTTDM' . I wasn't really planning on writing an album at that time. Yet after making 'Jamuary', I was churning out other new songs like 'If I Find It' and 'Hole In Your Brain'.. it was hard to not want to mess around and keep recoding! I was ready to just have fun and make some new music to share with family and friends. And after I had gotten a lot of positive feedback from my first few songs at that time, it really inspired me to want to share my vision with others. So 'TTTDM' was born! I finished touches on my last song 'Wycked Sea' just a few days before my Birthday in April of 2013. However, 'TTTDM' never saw an official release that year. I had shared several songs, many of which I considered my best at that time. But I have finally decided to release it in it's full glory, including songs which I've never released or shared with anybody yet. So here it is, 'Trip To The Dream Machine' !! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! It's a short listen, and falls just barely shy of a half hour total. I suggest turning it up loud (headphones if possible), and listening to it in one sitting (if possible as well). I put a lot of soul and heart into this project, so if you feel like donating to help any of my future musical endeavors it is greatly appreciated! I have a lot up my sleeve these next few years, and really cannot wait to start writing and recording again soon! Thank you all for your support so very much, and happy listening! :)


released April 28, 2013

All parts were recorded, edited, and/or made through Garage Band by Jason Franklin.


all rights reserved



Jason Franklin Denver, Colorado

I first started writing/playing music in 2001. I've always continued to write music from my heart and pour it into any project I'm in. I want you to take something with you when you hear my music. That could be a lyric, maybe an emotion it made you feel. As long as you feel something, anything, then I've done my job. ... more

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